Kadmar Circular No. 49/2018
Kadmar Circular No. 49/2018
kadmar Posted on Thursday, July 26, 2018
Heavy Lift Surcharge at Red Sea Ports

Kindly find attached a copy of the Ministry of Transport decree No. 43/2018 in Arabic language, hereunder please find free translation for your easy ref.


Ministry of Transport
General Authority of Red Sea Ports
Decree No. 43 for the year 2018
Dated 28/6/2018

Chairman of General Authority of Red Sea Ports

After reviewing the law of General Authority no. 61 for the year 1963;

Law no. 84 for the year 1968 regarding Public roads, amendments and executive regulations
As amended by law no. 146 for the year 1984;
Law no. 64 for the year 1970 regarding cargo transportation on public roads;
Law no. 127 for the year 1981 regarding Government Accounting and executive regulations;
Traffic law no. 66 for the year 1983 regarding the amendments and executive regulations;
Presidential decree no. 57 for the year 2002 regarding organizing of ministry of transport;
Presidential decree no. 217 for the year 1978 regarding establishment of Red Sea Port Authority:
Decree of prime minister no. 468 of the year 2015 regarding our appointment as Chairman of General Authority of Red Sea Ports
Decree of prime minister no. 800 of the year 2016
Decree of minister of transport Law no. 470 for the year 2016 regarding Determining the movement characteristics of vehicles on the roads network

The approval of board of directors of General Authority of Red Sea Ports in its session no. 207/ 2018 of the year 2018 held on 15/05/2018 to approve collecting fees Categories
for structures and parcels over dimension and overweight which Approved by the Minister of Transport

And our instructions

Article ( 1 )
“charges structures and parcels with over dimensions & overweight calling Red Sea Ports by the following categories"

1st - Structures Overweight

2nd - Structures over dimensions

Article Two

1- In case of exceeding more than one dimensions of the structure, will implement the highest calculation rate only.
2- In case the structures over weight & over dimensions , will implement the highest calculation rate only.
3- fees categories to be amended any time in case of needed.
4- In case of carrying out any modifications on roads and ports gate to allow parcel and structure to pass through, cost of modifications and returned to main origin \
to be charged to parcel owner

This decision to be published in the official newspaper (WAQAEA AL MARSRIA) to be in force as from the next day of its publication.
Issued on 28/06/2018

Admiral / Hisham Mahmoud Abou Sena

Please consider all our Port Handling offers regarding Red Sea Ports (Adabiya) is invalid and must be reviewed in view of this increase.

Please be guild accordingly.

Best Regards,
Kadmar Shipping Co.

Ministry of Transport Decree No. 43/2018